Chronic Insomnia may have serious implications on the health and well being of teens. A recent study of 3,134 adolescents aged 11-17 years of age was conducted at the University of Texas, in which 14 aspects of well being including sleep problems, health, drug use, Interpersonal problems and daily activities were monitored at the beginning and end of a one year period. The results revealed that more than one-quarter of teens reported at least 1 symptom of insomnia while 55 met the diagnostic criteria for Insomnia and 46% had similar sleep problems a year later. It was also determined that chronic insomnia among teens was linked with a higher risk of health, psychological ,interpersonal problems and a greater need to seek medical care.

J Adolesc Health 2008 Mar ; 42(3); 294-302. Epub2007 Dec 21

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