According to conclusions of ”The Role of Sleep in Memory and Learning Conference”, which was organized by the NSF, adequate sleep is important for maximizing memory formation and consolidation and sleep disorders (i.e : Insomnia, sleep apnea)may disrupt sleep dependant learning. Additional conference findings include:

  • Insufficient sleep and sleep disorders may impair memory and learning, particularly in children.
  • Certain types of sleep (eg: REM sleep, Deep sleep) may be important for different types of memories.
  • Changes in sleep and circadian regulation that occurs in adolescents are consistent with most middle school and early High school start times. Therefore it is recommended by researchers that school start times not be earlier than 8.30 or 9.00 am.
  • There is much more to be researched and understood in terms of understanding the role of sleep in memory and learning.

‘Role of sleep in Memory and learning conference’; March 3-4, 2008

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