Glossary of Terms

Terms used in sleep medicine: Actigraph A biomedical instrument used to measure body movement. Active Sleep Equivalent to REM sleep … Continued

Biology of Sleep

1. What is normal sleep? Sleep is a biological condition of unconsciousness that is reversible, characterized by a recumbent posture … Continued

Sleep Diary

What is a Sleep diary? The purpose of a sleep diary is to identify a person’s sleep and wake routine … Continued

Our Vendors

Medigas VitalAire Advacare Respironics ResMed Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Sleep Panda (English) Sleep … Continued

Useful Links

Sleep-Related Organizations American Academy of Sleep Medicine American Sleep Apnea Association Narcolepsy Network Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation … Continued

Current Research

There are many excellent reference articles on the subject of sleep disorders. Below we list some examples. Dr. Hussain has … Continued

Sleep Questionaires

The Epworth Sleepiness Questionnaire is an interactive questionnaire which means that you can do this test on-line. The Berlin Questionnaire (for sleep … Continued

Case Studies

Sleep disorders can have a profound and debilitating effect on your everyday life. The symptoms and effects of these disorders … Continued